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Welcome to GrinSMS

We offer Cheap, Fast and Reliable SMS and Voice SMS platform for Nigeria and international SMS Routes.

We are a global Information and Communication Technologist providing SMS web application to Businesses, Schools, Universities, Institutions, Individuals, Artists, Estate Agencies, Professionals, Organizations, Churches, Sports Clubs, Marketing Companies, etc.

SMS is the quickest way to get a message through from one entity to another.

The Mobile Phone is the 'Most owned' object in the world, having over taken the tooth brush.
According to, there are more Phones in the world than Human beings! 6.920 billion phone connections compared to the estimated 6.915 billion people.

Compare with Any other Advertising, MOBILE ADVERTISING is the only way to reach at everybody's eyes with full view.

Mobile advertising has already become an extremely powerful way of advertising
Cheaper, Faster & Instant Results
Direct Reach to Audience
Highly Personalized
Stronger than other media Cross-media: Mix with Radio, TV, Print
Viral: Customers forward messages to friends & Family

You Are Only Charged for Delivered Messages and Answered calls

Mobile advertising targets buyers directly & achieves a high level of interaction, As people never

leave home without their mobile phones and rarely switch them off. (instant result)

Mobile Phones are Switched On 12- 24 hours every day

Mobile Marketing is instant as most messages are read as soon as they are received

For more information, contact us on: 08030984785